Where’s The Answers?

Where’s The Answers?

What is this game called?
Life you say? Do I get some say
In the decisions made about me?
Or is today; not my day.

Tired of my control
Taken out of my hand
Some say life is hard
Some say it’s grand.

For me, the pain
Of waking up
Is definitely not fun
Nor a buttercup.

Doctors scratch their heads
Questions go in space
Feel like quitting
What a waste.

But there’s a big part
Of me that cares
I will keep searching

There are answers
From some doctor’s voice
I want the freedom
To hear all choice.

For those of us
Who live with pain
Although we are tired
We have much to gain.

We shall search
And we shall try
We will keep asking
And find out why.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd


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