The Broken Dream

All his life he could remember wanting to be a policeman. When he was three years old, he got a big, black toy car with a bright, red siren on top. A plastic policeman sat in the driver’s seat. He could picture himself laying on the floor playing with that one car for hours.

As he grew up, his parents took him to visit the police station. The captain gave him a police hat that had a shiny badge on the bill. That was the biggest day of his life that year. He also visited and made many friends at the fire department. He got to practice sliding down the pole. He sat in the big chair of the trucks. His buddies even invited him when there were birthday parties.

When he grew up, yep, you know it, his first job was with the local police department. A brand new rookie, who already felt at home in his clothes and surroundings.

Although his town was once peaceful, life had changed. Bad people had moved in and it was his first day that he got the call to answer a domestic problem down in the bad side of town.

He was the first to arrive. The husband and wife were out on the porch screaming at each other. He tried talking, but no one was listening. He stepped in and prevented the wife from getting bashed across the face.

Another police car pulled up and taking his gun out of his holster, he fired a shot into the air. The goal was to shock the madness on the porch. Instead it spooked the husband. Without hesitation, he reached for the rookie’s gun and pulled it out. He shot him in the heart twice.

Stillness filled the air. The husband dropped the gun. The wife sat on the steps. The last officer to arrive, rushed to handcuff the prisoner. He went to his buddy. ” You loved life. You loved your job. You died doing what inspired you. Gonna miss you buddy.”

“Officer down, officer down. 10-0. Send an ambulance to 1040 Hero Lane.”

Dedicated to all Fallen Officers in America



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