Clouds, rain, all we need
Staying inside, a dirty deed
Sunshine, coolness too
Gotta get out, something to do.
Wobbly legs, act like a drunk
People staring as if I’m a skunk.
Want to cock off a smart remark
But keep my mouth shut, no dog bark.
Find a scooter with some bars to go
Waiting in line, swaying to and fro.
One appears and I snag it up
Smiling at people; hey, waz up!
Narrow rows of jungle clothes
Kind of hard to see where to go.
Look at plants and hamster food
Look at fire pits, love smell of wood.
Bought a few tiny plants
Give them love, don’t say; I can’t.
Buy a pretzel; what a treat
Gotta keep the sugar’s beat.
Pay for goodies head to car
What a trip, seems so far.
Start the car, head for home
Gonna stop for an ice-cream cone.
Home at last, my body weak and beat
But it’s worth it all, to meet and greet.
Disabilities, illness too
Can’t let little things upset you.
Get out when you can go
Better than staying in our little hole.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd

Terry 2