Oh Come on and Shake a Leg

Do you ever wonder why you start the day off so darn good, and end up feeling like crap and being run over by a 14foot truck by midday? You do? You know what I am talking about then.

Remember when we were in our youthful days? Stay up later by reading past bedtime, and being called to wake-up, WAKE-UP, WAKE-UP!!!!! by a parent, crawling out of bed dead tired, but within a couple of hours we had enough energy to run crazy-wild for hours and even into the night-owl hours?

What in the world happened? Yes, part of it is getting older, as my kids say, old age a coming. I think it is the responsibilities in life that we carry on our young shoulders that helps tire us out.

You know, that first bill you receive in the mail when you finally break away from the apron strings, well they just start coming and coming until we don’t even want to check that darn old mailbox.

Then there is that time when we give up single life because we are so madly in love, we just have to get married, and then the bills get bigger. Oh wait, then the big announcement of a bun in the oven. I swear that oven gets hotter and hotter, especially when baby two or three or who knows, maybe even more start making those seams of our home pop.

Then there is the worry of enough money to pay those hospital bills, food pantry being filled, oh, and the price of diapers and baby food alone, can set bottle rockets off.


I remember when a box of pampers set me on fire as I whipped out the four dollars a week for them. Now they are what, twelve dollars or so, and baby food used to cost me nineteen cents, but how many jars did I have to buy, along with Gerber cookies, banana oatmeal, formulas. Whoo, I am getting tired just thinking about all the things I had to purchase by having a child.

Then, of course, there is raising the child or children. Nurturing, guiding, discipline, worrying, arguing. It is definitely enough to start the graying of naturally once beautiful hair.

Oh my gosh, let’s not even go to that awful place where the growing kids want their driver’s license, and the cost of insurance, and praying they don’t wreck our only car. Then the idea pops like an exploding balloon. Hey mom, dad, can I have my own car?



Then as our bodies weaken from raising our families, we start getting those aches and pains. Oh, the hip, or oh, my elbow, and that familiar saying,”must be gonna rain.” One day we look in the mirror, and we almost pee our pants as we don’t recognize those wrinkles and bushy eyebrows and what’s this? Gray hair has taken over!

If you follow the rest of us older generations, some sort of plague from outer space grabs hold of us and won’t let go. It may be regular visits from arthritis, poor vision, new visits to Botox center, or implants, uplifts, take out, remove, reverse. Admit it, there is a place for any procedure or ache and pain today. All you need is a rich mate or a bank filled with money.

Before you know it, the pitter-patter of little feet yelling, “Gramma, Grampa, I wuv you!”

We love those grandchildren but come on parents, time to come pick them up! We go to bed as soon as the front door is closed, and we sleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows. Wait, it isn’t quite that smooth. That darn water pill is making me have to get up a few more times than I want to.

We look at our partner when we crawl back into bed, waiting for sleep to take over and we think,” Aww, this is the life. I feel safe and secure. I have someone who wants to be with me. I have had a great life. I have beautiful children and grandchildren. Wouldn’t trade it for anything.”Yes, life has many good times and great memories. Along the road, we stumble across pebbles, but we shake a leg, dust off our pants, and we keep moving forward.