What you going to do
When you grow old
When you’re all alone
And life seems cold.

What you going to do
When the silence is loud
When you hear the clock
And there’s no crowd.

The time is now
To make the change
Put yourself out there
Ride the range.

Share a smile
Share some chat
Get involved
Get twice back.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd

Hello Dear Brother

Hello Dear Brother

I ride your scooter, you probably know
I use the walker, like you did bro.
I have a cane as you did too
Sometimes dear brother, I see me in you
You had an illness called MSA
Maybe I have it, some docs say
I have your Parkinson’s, no doubt of that
I tend to fall just like your past
People say this can’t be passed on to me
But my symptoms are very hard to flee
If you hadn’t gone to heaven so soon
We could share these scenes without the doom
I’m going to see your neurologist
The one who gave the song of bliss
He’ll ask me questions that he asked you
I’ll remember your answers that rang so true
I sometimes feel better because I know
You’re walking with me, every step I go
I feel so close to you these days
Because I resemble your MSA ways.
I love you brother, stay near me now
Because it is possible I’ll have to take that vow
To keep strong, and hold onto my faith
Just the way I made you when you paved your way
I’ll ask our God to guide me through
Just like the way I prayed for you.
And if the day comes I have to leave
Keep your promise and save a seat for me.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd

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Clouds, rain, all we need
Staying inside, a dirty deed
Sunshine, coolness too
Gotta get out, something to do.
Wobbly legs, act like a drunk
People staring as if I’m a skunk.
Want to cock off a smart remark
But keep my mouth shut, no dog bark.
Find a scooter with some bars to go
Waiting in line, swaying to and fro.
One appears and I snag it up
Smiling at people; hey, waz up!
Narrow rows of jungle clothes
Kind of hard to see where to go.
Look at plants and hamster food
Look at fire pits, love smell of wood.
Bought a few tiny plants
Give them love, don’t say; I can’t.
Buy a pretzel; what a treat
Gotta keep the sugar’s beat.
Pay for goodies head to car
What a trip, seems so far.
Start the car, head for home
Gonna stop for an ice-cream cone.
Home at last, my body weak and beat
But it’s worth it all, to meet and greet.
Disabilities, illness too
Can’t let little things upset you.
Get out when you can go
Better than staying in our little hole.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd

Terry 2

Living Life?

When we get older
We forget what
We take for granted
Like living.
Keeping calendars
Are now a part of life
Writing everything down
Less we forget.
Driving a vehicle
Been doing it for years
Now, judgement blurred
Should we give it up?
Independence, the biggest thing
No one wants to lose it
When people suggest it
We throw adult fits.
It is so difficult
Even for myself
To have to ponder
Are we still safe?
Assisted living
Nursing homes
Family homes
No way in hell.
Getting older is
Travel days
Or pure hell.
Written by,
Terry Shepherd

Have You Ever Thought to Yourself?

Do you believe in miracles?
Have you seen one in your life?
Have you ever thought to yourself,
I want one in my own strife.

Do you pray for other people?
Do you smile when you are sad?
Have you ever thought to yourself,
God help me, when I am mad.

You may not see his vision
You may not feel his arms
Have you ever thought to yourself,
Lord, if you’re here, keep me from harm.

When life has shot you down
And you have no where to turn
Have you ever thought to yourself,
Lord, help me, take away my thoughts that burn.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd


death 2

Walk into the light

Save A Place For Me

We were close

As children go

I don’t know what happened

We never let it show.


Time flew by

I grew up

We drifted apart

Sipped from different cups.


You got sick

I tried all I could

Wanted to save you

I sweared I could.


You went to heaven

I couldn’t stop you

I fell on my knees

It was all I could do.


I have regrets

Should have spoken

Told you how I felt

Now time is broken.


Time is ticking by

Quiet as all can be

Promise me this one thing

Save a place for me.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Dedicated to; D.S.

In honor of; T.D.S.


The Living Thing

The house stood back a mile from the road. Gravel covered the path leading to the rickety, front, paint-free door. Shutters slammed against the weathered siding in the strong winds. I stood in front of the once famous estate.

Now people-free. Only the spirits of once residing residents remained. It was if you could almost see them, their moans were so loud.

I went up to the door. I didn’t have to turn the knob, as it gently rocked to and fro in rhythm with the wind. I stepped over creaky boards and stood in the middle of the living room.

Furniture draped with off-white sheets. Spiders taking care of their young in beautifully built webs. What was once heavy velvet draperies, now hung to the side, shattered and torn.

Above the fireplace, there was a large oil painting of the couple who had built this home. He had built it as a wedding gift for his beloved.

He wondered what stories the painting could speak of. He was sure he would love to hear them. He walked into the kitchen and everything was in its place. Nothing standing on the cupboards, the table empty.

The strange thing though was, although there was no living person around besides himself, there obviously was something living within these walls.

When you looked up and down at the walls and the windows, they were graced with beautiful Ivy. It had made its home to the entire room.

Looking to mate with each vine, they had intertwined themselves and weaved a delicate scene display all across the ceiling.

He stood back a little as this wondrous sight gave him slight shivers. He took one more glance and then turned and walked towards the strong, detailed oak stair case.

One step in front of the other, he made his way to the top. The Ivy had extended its beauty into each of the four bedrooms, gracing the doorways, running through the floorboards, and covering each glass window pane.

He saw something. He walked closer to the glass. How intricate, he thought. In each pane was a form. Yes, a human form. There were multiple head shapes of people. He remembered the paintings on the stair wall and rushed back to them.

Standing and mentally memorizing each photo, he went back to the room with all the windows. Oh my gosh, he thought, these precisely woven vines had carved out faces. Each of these faces matched the photos he had just looked at on the staircase.

He was astounded. He stood their taking in all the details when suddenly he felt a choking hold around his neck. He instantly placed his hands to his throat, trying to force what had a hold of him.

He squirmed and twisted but with each turn, the rope got tighter. With all his might, he thrust himself backwards. He fell with such force, he nearly knocked himself out when his head hit the floor.

He sat up and looked at what had grabbed hold of him. Ivy, Ivy had tried to attack him. He scrambled to his feet and he could hear moaning. A moaning of someone starving. It was as if the stomach acid was churning from lack of nourishment.

This house wasn’t haunted. The souls of each person whom once lived here, were still alive within the walls. The Ivy was their guardian, nurturing, feeding, and training them.

He turned and ran out of the house as fast as he could. He never looked back and he never returned.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd



When You Believe

When You Believe

When you believe
There is nothing left
When life has you down
Turn your ears to deaf.

Don’t listen to downers
Keep hope within your heart
Force a smile on your face
Tell Satan to depart.

Yes, what we have is real
We can’t pretend it’s not
When it comes right down to it
Faith is all we got.

Each morning ask for strength
Each night say your nightly prayers
For God is right there with you
In fact; he’s everywhere.

So straighten up and listen
We got this; you hear?
We’ll lick this; you and me
We will not live in fear.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd