“Can’t Wait til They Grow up and Move Out”

Life sure throws us some massive curve balls in life doesn’t it? We manage to work through them, or disown them and life continues. When times arrive that we can’t fix things, it is so upsetting.

When our children get into messes and we can’t fix them, it is hard to stand by and watch. We can offer advice, if asked. We can pray about the situation. We may shed tears, feel our hearts breaking,  help out in other ways; but we pretty much have to wait it out, knowing that this situation too, shall  pass.

As moms and dads, no one ever told us that even when the baby grows into an adult, we still want to be involved like we did when the kids were young.  I have  heard so many young parents say,” I can’t wait til they grow up and move out.” I don’t know if that’s so true really.

When the kids move out, we no longer have the right to keep tabs on them. We have to pray and hope that what we taught them as babes, sticks with them as adults. We can’t enable that curfew anymore. We can’t help persuade them of friend choices, or mate choices. We can’t tell them how to raise their own young, or that their outfit is too short, too revealing or anything.

These are the days to keep our mouths shut, unless invited for opinion hour. We must cling to the fact that we did the best we could as parents and carry hope for them now that they are grown.

Who said, can’t wait til they grow up, probably regrets it today.


4 thoughts on ““Can’t Wait til They Grow up and Move Out”

  1. Have to be honest since my daughter became grown up it is usually her still keeping tabs on me lol but I know I am lucky we have a great relationship and I do still tell her my opinion on things and as when she was younger sometimes she listens and sometimes she doesn’t but we are always honest with each other

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  2. This is true, I totally agree with you. That is why it is so important to do the right thing when they are young, give them the right morals and the right attitude. I still got both mine here, but the older one is looking to move out. On one side it is good for him to stand on his own feet on the other side, I will miss him terribly. But hey there is telephones and visiting. Praying for htem is the best then when they have their own lives.

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