Soaking in my News

Last year I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I have continued to progress with swallowing and choking issues. I tend to fall or am constantly working on not falling. The next thing that happened is what sent me to my brother’s neurologist. I was getting the worst headaches I have ever had, and I never was a headache gal.

I was a little afraid I had MSA/P like my brother, so this is why I decided to go to my brother’s doctor instead of my regular neuro. I needed a second opinion.

He ran me through so many tests and I guess my body didn’t like it. I had tremors everywhere possible. My toes curled under and froze. My legs became stiff. I was a mess, but I think that is what he wanted to see from the tests he did. Along with blood work and brain scans, I was again diagnosed with something close to Parkinson’s, but not actually.

It is called in simple words, Ataxia Parkinsonism.

While I am not thrilled with this, I hope to be able to do some living for quite a while yet. From what the doctor said, I will most likely end up in a wheelchair. In a wheelchair I won’t fall though, right?

I have taken a couple of days to let this soak in. Today, I decided to give it up and take some photos through the front windows. Here are the photos I took.

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