Humpty Dumpty Can be Healed

She sat alone
Her dog, his bone.
She sat and cried
Asking why.
Feeling sorry for herself
Humpty Dumpty on shelf.
Why me, why me
Can’t you see?
Broken in two
Boo hoo, boo hoo.
A party she had
Pity so sad.
Break your crown
Now get down.
Off that shelf
You’re full of wealth.
Friends and family too
Always saying, I love you.
Just because you can’t stand
Or lend a hand, you’re still so grand.
They’d miss you, you realize
They’d look at the skies.
Tears in their eyes
For saying goodbye.
Now give all you can
We’ll take the love you send.
Your life’s not over
Just lean on our shoulder.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd