Memorial Day


Soon it will be Memorial Day
A day of picnics and fun
A day of rest and remembering
In the bright and glorious sun.

A day of saluting our special ones
A day of standing in place
Taking a moment to give your thanks
To our veterans who fought with grace.

We tend to take life for granted
We forget how we came to be
We must love our country’s fighters
And what they did for you and me.

So when you fill your plate full
And you sit around together
Take a moment and bow your heads
And be grateful for now and ever.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd



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When Does Life Become Important

A stubborn man I always called him; that is until the day arrived when life turned on him. When Brad was growing up, he wanted everything he saw. If mom and dad said no, he found other ways to raise the money to buy what it was he wanted. I always said he was a spoiled brat, but maybe I was wrong.

One day came and people noticed how tired he looked. He walked tired, ate tired, and worked tired. I had made a comment that perhaps it was time to get that annual check-up that he had put off for years. I think he agreed, because before long Brad was calling me and telling me the date of his doctor appointment.

A few days after the appointment, the doctor called and said they wanted to talk to  him immediately. He went and I rode along for moral support. His sugar count was over 1000. He was told he needed to be immediately placed in the hospital to lower those sugars. This is when Diabetes was placed on his title.

In the hospital he was taught all about how diabetes works and how to keep his numbers down. He followed instructions, but soon after discharge, he realized he missed the bad foods he had consumed, and before long, he mentally ignored the doctor’s instructions and was soon taking insulin.

About five years he lived like the person he was before being diagnosed. He included all bad foods, bad eating habits, smoking, swearing, living in his own moments, and ignoring God.

Slowly I watched this body become beaten down. I heard complaints of being sore, tired, always in pain. It didn’t matter what I said, he ignored me. He turned from a smiling face to a grumpy old man in a young man’s body.

I continued to try to reach out to him to change his ways. I wanted him to find  his life valuable enough to make the changes. I wanted him to turn his life over to God and let the almighty help put him together again and let him see what life actually had in store for him.

Today, I see the strong-willed spirit still flying high, but in all the wrong places. It bothers me that he has the tools before  him to fight an early death. There are thousands of patients in the world that lean on God heavily, including myself, for cures and comfort.

My heart breaks as I hear of new patients being diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy. It bothers me that now that I know the facts of what the doctor was really saying with my diagnosis; I also have Parkinson’s and Multiple System Atrophy symptoms.(Dystonia/Parkinsonism/Ataxia) We can do nothing but pray, keep our hope high, eat right and take our medicines.

I don’t understand people, but I know there are those who don’t give a damn about themselves, whether they live or die, but I do care and I know others who care very much about their lives and families and friends.

My mother used to say people can’t begin to understand what others feel unless they have lived in their shoes. This is true, but what about the yearning to be the best you can be? Maybe that’s not what it is all about.

I just know for me, I could definitely improve eating habits along with exercise and many other things. I want to live. I don’t want to leave this earth earlier than I should. I want to keep watching God’s beauty. I want to continue to write my short stories and poetry. I want to see a cure for many diseases. I want to help others. I want to see my family happy and fulfilled. So much to live for, is my thoughts.

What are your thoughts? What would you change about your past or do in your future? Are you content with where you are in life? Are there still things to do on your bucket list? If you feel comfortable enough, talk to me about it. If not, then think about it.


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