Everyone Does It

I made myself leave my four walls. I am sitting on a picnic table at the lake. I have my side kick with me, my camera. 

There are a lot of elderly people where I live and with so many, comes complications. 

Arguing, complaining and gossip are the top three. This forces some individuals to leave each day and not return until dusk.

There is a certain fear that comes with being older and when unforseen things happen within the building, fear rises higher.

There is one gentleman who lives here. Younger, very nice looking. I have chatted with him several times as he lives close to me.

None of us are privledged to know why another is living here unless, it comes from the horses mouth.

This guy has never been able to look me in the eye. I don’t ask why as it is not my business.

I always felt sorry for him, believing he was all alone. He is one of those who leaves from dawn to dusk.

While sitting here, a couple was walking from a distance. As they neared, I recognized him and the lady with him.

I chuckled inside as I realized I had been wrong. He wasn’t looking at her, but it was obvious they were communicating by words and feelings.

I can’t always express myself easily when I am upset, although I am a jabber box.

None of us are alike but those of us find others similar to ourselves. We do survive, even in the tough situations. 

We can do it. We do humanly connect with each other.  We just do it in our own unique way.

If there are misspelled words, forgive me. Typing on my android.