Who Am I?

This is the name of my blog, Who am I? Well, after 63 years here on earth, I should know, shouldn’t I? I know less today than yesterday. I still have a perfect memory, or so I believe. Others have told me I am slipping and if so, it’s only a little bit.

When I was a kid, I loved riding my bike and playing with dolls. I really didn’t think about fitting in like the kids do today. There was routine when I was growing up. Mom and dad worked. I had a babysitter. Parents came home. Meal preparation, bath, a little TV and then bed. The only thing that changed through those years was a baby sister came along, and I traded the babysitter in for school.

The dream of latter years was to get married and raise a family; which I did. I was blessed with three wonderful children and now have awesome grandchildren. I don’t get to see them often but I have to remember, they are developing their own lives too.

Now that I am older and I have lost many family members, I am not so sure who I am today. I know that with my illness, I suffer from headaches and falls and tremors. I know that I don’t care for silence 24/7. I know that I enjoy being with my best friend in the world. I know that I love helping people. I have empathy and compassion that I carry within me.

I know that I hate not being able to earn a paycheck, but I realize that the rewards of helping others is bigger than money itself. Sometimes money just isn’t the main deal, is it. When you get in my age bracket, I worry more about having enough money to buy groceries, or pay for medicines, or keeping up with the high auto insurance companies prices.

A lot of people have entered my life throughout the years. Some I miss dearly and always tell myself, God placed them there for a purpose. I keep in touch with these friends, but miss our chats we used to have.

I have made many new online friends on my Facebook page. Many are patients or caregivers and families. These are beautiful people with hearts so strong and a will to wake-up tomorrow.

Today, I was happy to receive notice that I had been nominated an award at Wego Health.

Wego Health is a mission driven company connecting healthcare with the experience, skills and insights of patient leaders. You can see my site here; just copy and paste




This nomination made me realize I am of value on this earth. I feel proud to have been nominated. Whether I win or not, isn’t the point. It is the feeling that people like what I do. I am helping make someone’s day brighter. I am letting others know I care.

I may not be a paid professional caregiver anymore, but I still am being a caregiver to those who need me the most.

So, who am I? Well, I don’t know all the answers, but I do know that I am still making a difference in others lives.

Below is the nomination I received.