What do you dream about when you lay your head down and sleep?
Do you dream of people gone to heaven?
Do you dream you are a child?
Are your dreams; real and deep?

What do you feel when you wake from a dream?
Have you felt tears on your pillow?
Have you felt you were actually there?
Do you feel you closed the open seam?

Did you see visions of your loved ones?
Perhaps a parent or a spouse?
Or did you see the dragons,
Chasing you until they won?

Our dreams are our real thoughts
Most we can’t express.
We keep them in our memories
Because this is all we got.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd



2 thoughts on “DREAMS

  1. You are absolutely right. I focused on one,area for my writing. I have dreamed of silly things, reality scenes and sometimes scary dreams. Your dream must gave been quite interesting.


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