Spoken Through Hearts

I went out alone tonight to run from these walls.
When I returned, I saw a lady sitting out front on the bench. I have spoken to her before. I remember that she made me laugh with her witty words.
Tonight was not one of those nights. She was feeling alone and sad. My heart broke for her as she explained that her children don’t visit often.
I hurt along with her as I wish I saw my children more. It is,an ache that comes from deep in my soul.
I was the first to learn I was expecting.  I carried them in my womb for nine months. I was in love with them at first sight.
Now, I am older, and the nest has been empty for years, but my love for my kids has never faltered.
She and I looked at each other and spoke through our eyes and hearts. I told her the same thing I tell myself, tomorrow is a new day. I stood up and told her to try to enjoy her evening and as I unlocked my door,  my cheeks were wet.
Written by my feelings, 

Terry Shepherd

Sorry; But This is For Me

Life is so complicated in and of itself

Trying to survive each breathing day

Do we really have time to argue

For others standing in our way?

The liars, the braggers and untrustworthy ones

The dodgers and boasters, these are no fun

I wave the magic on the end of my wand

I say the words, ” now you losers be gone”

I have no choice but to concentrate on me

I hate to be selfish, and maybe sound mean

I hope you understand, I need my strength for today

Because if I don’t, this illness could take me away.

Written by my thoughts,

Terry Shepherd