Ever Wonder What I Look Like?

I have had two gift days from the good Lord. Feel like my old self. Hope it last. If you don’t know me, I have Distonasia/Parkinsonism/Ataxia. Usually I wobble and can barely stand for ten minutes.


7 thoughts on “Ever Wonder What I Look Like?

  1. You look better than I do! I’m so glad for those days that are gifts, too. I’m not dealing with the challenges you are, but with fibromyalgia being my worst item (bundled with CFS, always). I still work a 40 hour job because I must – I’m single. We’re the same age, but you wear your years much better than I ♥.


  2. You didn’t see my old skin. Lol. Both of us suffer in different ways. I don’t have the pain you have daily. I fall from Ataxia. I wish there was a cure for Fibro. My friend has that and it really interferes with her daily living. I keep stating in Jesus name, I am healed. I know the last two days have improved. Hoping for more days. Hugs


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