Softly She Said, Yes, I believe in God”

I had to run and get my glasses tonight. Afterwards, I stopped to get something to drink. I was sitting in a booth behind an elderly couple. She was petite and short. He was stockier and carried a cane.

I am naturally inquisitive and talkative so it was only for a few seconds that I hesitated talking to them. They lived about 20 miles from where we were sitting. I told her that I also use a cane, a walker and sometimes a scooter. I could tell they were both surprised because I didn’t have any aid with me.

I explained that I was receiving gifts from God. He looked at me, she gave me a look as if I was perhaps crazy. lol I went on to explain about my diagnosis and she told me that her husband’s legs give out on him frequently.

The first thing I did was ask if they owned a blood pressure kit in their home. Their reply was yes, so I suggested checking his BP right after a fall and calling to make a doctor’s appointment.

She then asked me about my gifts. I explained that I am stating out loud, “In Jesus name, I am  healed.” She looked at me and then said softly, “Yes, I believe in God too.” She turned to her husband and looked him square in the eyes. “Dear, we need to say the same words.”

I thanked them for the nice conversation and was finishing sipping on my drink. The waitress came up then and began talking to me. She started telling me that she had a gotten lucky  after our recent storm.

She explained how this big tree in their yard had split in two. When it fell, it hit one piece of wood on their balcony, leaving the house and windows in tact. I said,” How wonderful, God is good. He saved your house. He knew how much you loved it.” She looked at me and softly said, ” I guess he did. I believe in God.” We smiled, I stood up and we hugged each other. I then left for home.

When I got home and walked into the lobby, I ran into the lady who I had the conversation with the other day about her kids hurting her feelings. She knows how easily I get depressed and she wants me to go to a therapist to seek help.

She had given me the phone number on our last visit and so she asked me if I had called it yet. I said not yet. She shook her head back and forth, as if disappointed in my answer. I said, ” I have a different therapist, who has given me three good days of walking.”

She looked at me and said, “Who’s that”?

“God, I say out loud, In the name of Jesus, I am healed.” She looked down and softly said, “Yes, I believe in God.”

It was an interesting evening. I met some nice strangers and talked to a friend who usually makes me laugh. I was able to speak about my healer three different times.

My friends, I don’t know if God will allow me to walk for a few days or if he will heal me for good. I do know, that I am going in the right direction and for whatever time I can walk without help, I am grateful and when the time is up, if it is, I will be thankful for this time.

Sometimes our problems are big, even huger than life. I believe when we are down on our luck or have an illness or about anything that takes us away from our normal, God steps in and reminds us who is in control. We must thank him by spreading his name to anyone who will listen.

We are not guaranteed tomorrow. We aren’t even promised the next minute. Make the most of what we have been given, and remember to tell God thank-you.



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