I am a short-story writer and a poet. If you would have an interest that you would like me to write about, please let me know.
I am now going to write about a topic on “Angels”. This idea comes from

For months, Sherry was prayed for. She came down with an illness that not many doctors knew about. Sherry fought the diagnosis and continued to live her life on the wild side.

She drank and did drugs. She stayed out late at nights and often brought home strangers to keep her company during the nights.

Time flew by and so did the symptoms of her diagnosis. It got harder for Sherry to live the way she chose; but she continued the best she could.

There came a night when she left her familiar bar. It was late and had been raining for some time. When Sherry reached the wet pavement of the parking lot, her vision went blurry and she fell. She cracked her head hard.

While she lay there, three men came up and roughed her up and stole her purse and belongings. She couldn’t fight. Her mind was groggy. Her head was bleeding. She slipped in and out of alertness.

She sometimes thought she saw angels flying around her head. They were so beautiful, she thought. Light as air, huge, white, delicate wings. Then she would become alert and feel her pain.

What seemed hours, but less than a half-an-hour, the sirens were heard and soon she was lifted into the EMS. The ride was quick. The attendants were giving her oxygen, and had poked her arm with a needle. They were talking among each other and into speakers of some kind.

She was taken into the ER and placed on a clean, white table. She heard the men talking. “I don’t think she will make it, but let’s start a line on her. Check that blood pressure. How’s it doing?”

She closed her eyes and saw the most beautiful light. There were those angels again. She smiled to herself, as the angels swooped down and carried her home.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd



After the Storm

Hello friends. Do you have a topic that you have interest in, that you would like to see in a poem or short story vision?
I am looking for new ideas to write about. Please take note that what I write will be made public to the world. I also will credit your name for idea creation
Joseph Arnold wants something written about “After the storm.”
It had been an amazing day. Sally was able to wash some windows, hang her clothes out on the line and sit in her rocker on her front porch.
She loved sitting on the front porch. She watched the deer and birds. She saw the breeze moving the trees. It was as if they were waving at her. She raised her hand; waving back.
The sun was being replaced by clouds which had a tint of gray in them in the late afternoon. Sally decided to bring the clothes in; in case it decided to rain.
Her area needed rain. They hadn’t had much rain this summer in Nebraska. She didn’t much care for it. It kept her indoors when what she really loved, was breathing in the country air.
She grabbed the last few pieces from the line and a blast of wind tore at her skirt. It almost picked it up and whipped it over her head.
She finished quick and walked as fast as she could to reach inside. A storm surely was coming. She shut the windows and then turned her portable radio on.
She heard the announcement for a big thunderstorm coming her way. She collected her lantern and candles. She grabbed some matches.
She walked outdoors and checked the skies. About two miles north, she saw black, violent skies. It scared her and she went back inside and locked the doors. She made sure her cat, Sophie was safe.
The windows began to rattle. Inside, Sally was shaking. She walked over to her couch and carefully got down on her knees. She prayed,”Dear God, a storm is coming. I don’t want to lose what I have. You know dear Lord; I don’t have much of anything, but what’s here in this house. If you can grant me this; please keep me safe. Amen.”
She stood up and brushed her skirt down. She grabbed the blanket from the back of the couch. Walking towards her rocker which sat near the window; she sat down. She covered herself with her blanket and prayed and waited.
The windows were rattling with robust. The door was shaking as if someone was trying to enter. She heard the howling of the winds. It reminded her of a train roaring near by.
She continued to pray. “Dear Lord, keep me safe, keep me safe, if it be thy will.”
Her cat appeared and jumped onto her lap. She covered her up also and the two waited for what seemed hours. Within minutes the storm flew by. Life calmed, winds whispered, windows at peace.
She removed her blanket and the cat jumped down as if she was tired of the visit. She went back to her bed. Sally looked outside, then opened the door.
The fresh smell of rain; she inhaled. Some of her outdoor furniture was overturned. She scanned her land and the areas around her. Everything looked fine. She was safe. God granted her favor throughout and after the storm.
Written by,
Terry Shepherd

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

This morning, the icky feelings started coming back. Slight dizziness, a little more wobbly, and I think as the day goes by, I will have to use my walker.

I am a fighter, but sometimes I have to slow down as this illness progresses. I am going to try to ignore my feelings and continue to ask God for healing, but play it safe and use my good judgement.

I sure wish I knew what made those past three days so totally awesome. I would practice it each day. I have to believe that good days are given as a gift and as a booster to fight harder the next bad day.

When days become tough, I think back to the childhood song I used to see on the Television.

I think I can, I think I can.

For anyone struggling day after day with issues, we must draw strength first from God, then our families and friends, and of course this motivational, cute little song.

You all have a good day. I know I am going to try.