Daily Post-One Word Prompt



The soil which upon I walk

Tells the story of my life

My footprints are for you to know

If you follow as my wife.


I’ve learned things which are important to you

I’ve chatted with the moon and stars

So if you travel in my foot steps

My soul; I promise to bare.


I was placed upon this earth this day

God gave me gifts to spread

He wants me to share his word

So your life will never be dead.


Written by my feelings,

Terry Shepherd






Accepting As It Is Given

What does it really matter
Where this darn illness splatters.

I thought I needed to know
Which way it was to go.

The truth is; it is who I am
I am a true Ataxian.

Along with Distonia too
Parkinson’s, really? boo hoo.

I will shake when I’m anxious
I will tremor like a speeding bus.

Swallowing can be difficult
Choking is all up and out.

Falling is my expertise
Please don’t touch me; if you please.

If I don’t smile when I walk around
It’s because I don’t want to fall to the ground.

So I guess life will be what it will be
I have support and family around me.

Support groups; I run to a lot
I can cry and whine like a snot.

Forgive me for being my new me
The old one was tossed out to sea.

Just let me know you are still my friend
Because for you; my ears and love I still give.

Written by my feelings,
Terry Shepherd

Photo taken by myself.

art 8