Daily Post; One Word Prompts



Disastrous is the one-word prompt for today.


What is disastrous in your dictionary? Is it when the day doesn’t go well, and something interrupts your smooth moves? Perhaps, it is when you failed a test or the dress you spent a month on dieting, still doesn’t fit. Maybe you are flexible and this word only is thought of at a time of death.


For me this word describes the millions of people in our world that suffer for no reason. Why does this happen? There are many reasons I can think of right off the bat.

Didn’t get that break we always wanted and ended up working at Blow Joe’s; but you do love and look forward to going to work every day.

You were a top student but still missed that scholarship because you decided the last semester to lay back and go with the flow. You knew you had it made; but did you?

On the reality side though, let’s consider what does suffering for no reason mean.

Maybe you were born without limbs, or maybe you were born with a bad heart.

Perhaps, you had a good youth but suffered bad memories for fighting in a major war.

Perhaps you inherited a gene that you now have to fight with and for daily.

What if you were playing a sport and got knocked in the head and became blind?


There are all levels of disastrous to me. The biggest ones in my life are knowing people are being cheated from fun and healthy lives by terminal illnesses where there are no cures.

The other disastrous even in my life was; losing my mom, dad, and brother to heaven.

What does disastrous mean to you?


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