Laugh or Cry Over It

Yesterday, I had an assessment with Real Services for help with a couple of things that have to do with my falls. I was turned down flat. Two reasons, I am not 65 and the other reason was I am not nursing home ready yet.

Really, are you kidding me? Do you realize how crappy most nursing homes are? We, the people stand together and agree that not one of us would enjoy giving up our own homes, apartments, living quarters and trading it all in on a cold, dingy room, perhaps filled with a grumpy roommate and eating foods we don’t recognize.

I will add here, that not all nursing homes are bad; there are some quality ones, but I still don’t want to go to one. I explained how I am trying to use preventive care for my health so I don’t end up in one of those places. No deal; she said. Wow, what good is Real Services, if we can’t get help until we are ancient in age.

This morning I went for my Wellness check. They are pretty detailed, going over all you have and have not done throughout the year. I go to the doctor on a regular basis, but when your insurance offers restaurant gift cards for going; I say ME!

It went well until it came to the exercise section. No, I don’t do jumping jacks, I don’t race down the street. I don’t do hurdles. I do however, hang onto my kitchen counters and exercise my legs by standing on my tippie- toes and then count; up, down, up, down. I do pull in my stomach muscles on a thought of basis; which is quite often throughout the day. I am trying to keep my before child stomach. LOL.

I am considering talking to a clinic here for Yoga classes. Maybe it would help my core balance, but then again, that takes gas and getting out in the winter driving and cold and ice. Perhaps they have a seasonal pass for nice weather? LOL

She asked if I could dress myself. I said yes, as long as I don’t do buttons or have to squeeze my fat into a pair of size 2 pants. She smiled at me. She asked if I showered by myself. I stated of course, I don’t have a boyfriend or husband, but I do grab the multiple grab bars in my shower and hang on tight.

I told her I do make my own bed which consist of stretching my body. I do fix my own meals; but if they are over ten minutes, I do require the assistance of sitting on my seated walker.

I explained that I do attempt walking around our building or down to the local grocery store, but when I come back, I have to nap because my body is drained and tremoring.

After it was all done and signed, she looks at me and said, “Well now, you are in pretty good shape, aren’t you?” I looked at her and said, “Of course, I am doing great for a 63 year old, who tremors, shakes and falls down. Case dismissed.

Written by my feelings and personal experience,
Terry Shepherd

#Distonia#Parkinson‘s #Ataxia



You ask about the symbol below? I was nominated for an award for being an advocate for Multiple System Atrophy. I feel quite honored.



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