I Will Grab My Friend

I prayed today

God have mercy on me

God grant me Grace

God forgive me;I’ve sinned

I felt all my troubles flea

I felt unbelievably free 

I was blessed today

Even though I wobble a way

I belong to him

Through my illness I give 

It to God and then

He will give me the strength 

To help me walk the length

I will stand tall and and smile

Knowing God has all my trials

And when I can’t take anymore

God will walk me through golden doors  
Written by my feelings, 

Terry Shepherd

Guardian Angels


Today on Joyce Meyers program, the topic was guardian angels. I love listening to her, and I have said it over and over; I hope to go see her in person before I die. This would be a dream come true for me.

Anyways, I wonder if first of all; you believe in angels. I do, I certainly do. I ask the angels to surround my car when I go somewhere in it. I ask the angels to stay near my family and keep them safe. I ask the angels to surround the Multiple System Atrophy patients and caregiver, along with family. I ask God to send angels to everywhere high on earth who have highly-placed positions and bring them peace within so sound and true decisions can be made.


I believe there are angels who help me through each day, guiding me and gently holding me up.


What about you? Would you do any thing different on your day- to- day schedule if you knew for sure angels were watching and staying close to you? Would the curse words fade away?


What about the alcohol? Would you still consume it? Would you change anything about the way you treat your spouse or children, siblings or extended family? Would adultery become a thing of the past? Perhaps angels can help us get a better grip on our lives; if we only ask them.


Many do not believe in our almighty God. Some believe in another higher host and some believe in nothing.

This post is not to offend anyone or place anyone on the defense. This post is rather on angels. So tell me, what is your opinion? Yes you believe in angels, no you do not?


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