Summer Rules

When we think of summer, we first think of shorts, BBQ’s, vacations, school’s out and so many more things pop up in our minds.

These are great too; but we should think of other things since we are more in contact with people than in the winter time. I ran across something today, and I had that ah-ha moment.

This is what I was thinking of. We should add it to our daily list of must-do items. I bet if we do; our summer will be the best ever and by the time winter arrives; we will have formed excellent, new habits to carry us through those cold months.

Read below if you want to enhance your life.


8 thoughts on “Summer Rules

  1. While I like your list, I have to say I have done most of these from the time I was a child, maybe this is why the world is in the state it is, the very fact that people are needing to learn these things as adults instead of being brought up that way


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