I wanted to write about this, because so many do not understand what it is I  have. According to my doctor, (Neurologist) I am a Heinz 57. I have a little bit of this and that. My official diagnosis after being diagnosed twice before is;

Dystonia/ Parkinson’s/Ataxis

With each of these comes different situations and symptoms. With the Dystonia, I get extremely fatigued easily. I struggle with swallowing and choking. Below is a link to what Dystonia is.



My Parkinson’s brings me symptoms of not being able to write. I find it amazing I can still use the keyboard and still, I can paint. Writing or signing my name is highly unrecognizable. I get trunk and leg tremors that are internal. Very seldom do you see external tremors from me, but if you do, they are hand or head.

The Ataxia brings me symptoms that I fight the hardest. Standing and walking.  I weeble-wobble and sometimes fall down. I can walk about ten to fifteen minutes. If you bump into me, I will most likely fall. If you cause me to stop walking abruptly, such as crossing in front of me, I will perhaps fall. Many times I am caught by people around me before I fall. Falls usually occur in my living quarters where I am alone.

The Multiple System Atrophy part of me brings symptoms of lack of sweating or profuse sweating or I can turn into an ice-box in high temperatures.

I am blessed, truly I am, although I am labeled Heinz 57. I can still dress myself. I can feed myself. I can still drive inside the city. I can still walk. I don’t know why God allowed me to have this; but there is a reason. As long as I can still help others who suffer, with a few words, or questions answered, or a shoulder to lean on, I am good.


weebleheinz 2

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