An Illness is an Illness

I was invited by one family member to lunch and to come back here to roast pumpkin seeds. Times seemed confused as to what time we were to meet and plans almost fell through.

In the meantime after receiving my first invitation, I turned around and invited another family member to the same lunch. My son and his family showed up and so it wasn’t a disaster after all.

We ate our lunch at Culvers. This is a great place for burgers and ice-cream. We chatted and afterwards they invited me to go to Menards with them. We naturally went to the Halloween section, which I believe, all my three adult children love, including myself.

I bought a big pumpkin that lights up. I wanted to place it in my window and it had to be big because I am up on the fourth floor and I wanted cars to notice it and smile.

I don’t like admitting that I walk worse today than three months ago; but I do. It was unfortunate, that there were no electric carts to ride on, The good thing was, my two grandsons said they would be happy to push me in one of the store’s wheelchairs.

I felt embarrassed, but the feeling didn’t last long. The two boys had a great time pushing me. People looked at us three and smiled. Some commented I  had good looking chauffeurs and I agreed. I was one proud grandma. Not everyone has the honor of being pushed by two handsome, young men.

After we were all finished shopping, my family put my bought items in my car. They boys hugged me and told me they loved me. My son hugged me and told me he loved me. My heart burst, as I realize my illness is only that; an illness. Nothing else has changed.

Here are a couple of photos I took while we were there. Did you think I would not use my camera? Wrong! I did and will remain doing so as long as I can hold a camera in my hands.

halloweenhalloween 2



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