What can a child say

When Grandma can’t play today?

When each we look into the others eyes

And Grandma does nothing but merely cry.
The cookie jar is no longer filled

And grandpa acts like he lost his will.

The rooms are silent; not so fun

I have to sit; I can not run. 
I don’t understand what it’s all about

There’s something wrong; I have no doubt.

Please tell me now, I promise you

 I’m not a baby; I’m almost two.
This is my Grandma and she belongs to me

She gives me love and I sit on her knee.

Don’t ignore that I am standing here

Can’t you see my little tears?
I run to my room and climb on my bed

I grab my teddy by his head

I take it to grandpa and give it to him

And he looks at me and I see a grin.
He stands and picks me up so high 

We both look into my Grandma’s eyes.

He sits me on the bed next to her

I cover us up with her blanket of fur.
She opens her eyes and looks our way

She moves her lips and starts to say.

I love you both and I always will

Remember Jesus? Well, he’s come to heal.
Grandpa carries me and we sit down

I hold his hand while he looks at the ground. 

I’m going to need your  hugs and love

Because Jesus took Grandma to heaven above. 
Written by my feelings, 

Terry Shepherd