My Memories

Classes boring

Excitement pouring

Party getting close

Push those books close

Costumes waiting

Face painting

Apple dunking

Candy plucking

Hurry up bell

No time to spell

Teacher talking

Everyone balking

Class bell rings

Kids all sing

Time for the fun

No time for shun

These are the memories

Of Halloween parties for me.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd


When All Else Fails

I am glad I am protected by God
For days when words sting
Those days when I’m feeling low
When life feels about to blow.

I feel the pain and yearning
I sit a while in my pool
Then I realize, this is my day
And I get down and pray.

I ask for strength to move on
I pray for healing thougts
I stand upon my feet
I will not let this beat.

Each day isn’t promised
Some days aren’t easy
But as long as I carry faith
I will always show my face.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd