My Christmas Wish 

I’m getting older Santa

I look around at my decorations 

As I sit here resting

From my Christmas baking.

I smell the familiar Christmas scents

I smile as I remember back

To when my kids were young

What a joy they were for me.

Laughter rings in my ears

Pictures of cookies with lots of icing.

Memories I carry with 

Me year to year.

I’m getting older Santa 

And I want another year

To hear my children’s voices

To see my grandkids happy.

Oh, Santa; I know it’s not really about you

It’s about our baby Jesus’s birth

But I’d so much appreciate it,

If I could have a few more years on earth.

Written by my feelings, 

Terry Shepherd

Something is wrong 

A special day

A time of thanks

A time together 

Dressed in pretty clothes.

Christmas day

Christmas dinner

All together 

In those special ways.

Christmas today

Some don’t care

Families split

Empty chairs 

No pretty clothes

No chairs to seat

Meals be eaten

Around big TV.

So glad for memories 

Of happy times

Christmas dinners

Family waiting in line. 

Written by my feelings, 

Terry Shepherd

This Year

I was thinking about how pricy Christmas has become over the years.
When I  was young, I usually received the one main gift I asked for, plus a couple of other gifts such as, pajamas and socks plus an outfit.
Today, these same gifts have tripled in prices. This had caused stress instead of joy, debt on credit cards and sometimes guilt from not being able to do enough. 
Personally,  my lack of balance, continued headaches and fatigue have interfered with spending more time with loved ones.
I wish things were different,  but I have to accept what is. I will do my best to smile, not frown, to be as normal as my body will allow.
This year money is a bigger issue.  I will do my best once again, to accept what is. I will concentrate more on free gifts, than wrapped gifts. These gifts can include, hugs, good conversation,  showing appreciation of time with others. I will do my best at leaving loved ones with wonderful memories of time spent with me.
I will make sure loved ones understand how important they are to me.  These are gifts that can not be bought, but appreciated year after year.
I hope your holidays are going to be a blessing for you this year. I pray for peace, love and joy in your life.
God bless each one of you. Merry Christmas.

My Christmas Wish

60 plus years

I’ve lived here

Enjoyed most days 

Watched my kids play

Went through changes

Traveled places

Made memories

Of Christmas days

Felt brokenhearted

When loved ones parted

There is one thing

That really stings

The silent voices 

Leave me no choices 

Daggers stab my heart

Tearing family apart

Words once said

Wish to be put to bed

Forgive and move on

Wasted time all along

No pretty pictures 

Only puss and blisters

So my Christmas wish shall be

Family sitting near me

Peace ringing loud and clear

No shedding of tears.
Written by my feelings, 
Merry Christmas to those dear to my heart

Terry Shepherd