Hard not to remember 

Days gone by too fast

I see your blank expression 

When I  look back in the past.
God called you home to heaven

He took you from my life

You were loved by your family

Your children and your wife.
I had to make the choices

Pick out flowers and the cards

The tears; they flowed so heavy

This was above what we call hard.
No sooner than your funeral daddy

Your son had a heart attack 

You and mom weren’t here to help me

This took me all a back 
The next seven years of living

Had good but mainly bad

Illness stripping me of family

Took all I thought I had.
I buried my dad and brother

It cut me like a knife

This week started all the changes

When heartbreak rode into my life.
I know you are watching over me; my family. I still miss you and love you. 
Your sister and daughter, 

Terry Shepherd

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