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  1. regularly or frequently behave in a particular way or have a certain characteristic.

Have you ever looked at an adult and wondered where in the world they got their behavior or how can that be done?


I have and it is true that many of our actions as adults are a chosen decision. It is also true that our up-bringing has a lot to do with what we accept as alright.

I know I have been dining out and have been shocked at the lack of manners from some people. My mother used to use a fork and lightly poke me in the elbow if my elbows rested on the table. We were not allowed to swing our legs or chew with our mouths open or speak with food in our mouth. When we wanted to leave the table, we had to ask, “May I be excused”?


I can’t stand to watch someone eat, even for a second, if they are chewing their food with their mouths open. The one chewing with their mouth open probably tends to eat that way because they were brought up that way. I tend to have excellent manners because of my upbringing but I will let you in on a little secret. When I am home, I put my feet up in front of the TV. I don’t have that table to even begin to rest my elbows on. I enjoy myself. I am grateful though for what I thought were my parents strict table rules because when I go out in public; I know how to eat properly.


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2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt/ One Word Prompt/ Tend

  1. I am with you there. I do like good table manners and we were that taught too. We had to sit at the table until all were finished. I was slow so it was often me….. 🙂 It still taught us patience and it was a good family time together.

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    • I really miss that family time at the table. It was so hard when the kids moved out. I think that is why I enjoy sitting on the couch with my meals. The TV replaced the noise from the family time around the table

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