Daily Prompt/ One Word Prompt


The one word prompt today is; SIMPLIFY

  1. make (something) simpler or easier to do or understand.

How do you make something easier or simpler to understand when you are trying your best to help them understand your point? Well, perhaps showing them a good example. Let’s take bullying for example.


When I was a kid; I got teased. Did you get teased about something growing up? For me, it was my weight. I blamed myself. I tried hiding myself when we had to wear those blue gym suits. I hated taking the showers after gym because I knew I was fat.


Should I have blamed myself? Probably not when I look at life today.  My mother had me in weight classes before I was 12 years old. She blamed my real mother for my weight. She told me that my real mother fed me nothing but whole milk. I am not sure today if there is any truth to this theory or not.


I can remember in elementary school kids calling me those famous quotes, “fatty, fatty, two by four, can’t get through the open door.” Wow, you know what? This still remains with me today. I have always called myself fat. Now that I have gastreo problems from my Parkinson’s and scar tissue in my gut, from being cut open twice in the same place by surgeons, I consider myself a big baboon. Totally disgusting and very hard to look at myself in the mirror.


What if I could turn back time and stuff pillows  under those kids shirts that called me names. Would they reconsider calling me names? I don’t know if it would or not. What if the kids today that bully, were bullied in their weak areas? Would they stop?


I was reading an article on my Facebook this morning. It was an awesome idea she had. She had each child write down who they admired that week and to also pick three students they would like to sit next to the following week. After the papers were turned in at the end of the day, the teacher was able to  pick out which students were being left out. She claimed that by seeing this, she was able to work with those students that were left out. She said lonely children felt this way for various reasons and if she could help them by working with them, she could bring them further with self-confidence.


I think she has a point. It does seem to be the weak that get picked on; I agree. A strong, self-confident child will not be picked on near as easily. I think I like this teacher. She is a role model for many of us. Her way of teaching and showing the positive way to do things is a very simplified way of learning. Think about it, give me your view on my post.



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