Daily Prompt/ Rube


Definition of rube

1an awkward unsophisticated person rustic
2a naive or inexperienced person
Have you ever felt awkward or unsophisticated in your life? I would imagine we all have at one point.
A couple of years ago, a wonderful friend of mine, made it possible for me to go to a place I rarely went; but enjoyed. It is the famous Wagon Wheel playhouse, here in Warsaw, Indiana.
Visit this link to see my home town.
Visit this page to see the Wagon Wheel playhouse.
It is a fantastic place to visit to see plays. A time to dress-up in your fancy clothes and enjoy the evening. Although I thoroughly enjoyed each play, I have to admit I felt awkward walking in those front doors. I am a gal who likes casual clothes, so putting on the fancy pants, made me feel out of place.
I used to feel unsophisticated in my high school days. Lord only knows why I felt  this way. I went to school in nice clothes. I came from good parents, had a nice home and had friends.
Yet, other kids, dressed nicer, seemingly more popular, always made me feel a little unsophisticated. Now when I look back, I can see that it was a silly feeling, but it was real.
Now that I am older, I still like casual and I don’t care nearly as much about being popular. I care more about comfort, less pain, a few close friends and my family. Isn’t it nice when we finally grow up?

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