Daily Prompt/One Word Prompt


  1. 1.
    an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions.

We compromise each day don’t we? Without realizing it with the small stuff we give up TV for sleep to get to work. We decide eating healthy is worth being in the hospital.We choose to walk a way instead of listening to gossip that may feed negativity into our head.

Some choose to ignore God and take the risk of living their temporary lives the way they choose. We miss our favorite show in order to go to Weight Watchers. We compromise not getting involved with the petty arguments our children have in order they may have that chance of becoming more mature and making good decisions.

We compromise a date on a Friday night because we have heard bad remarks and want to stay safe; even though we would love to get out. We have one glass of wine with our meal instead of the entire bottle; although it really hit the taste buds.

We choose to step up to the plate and be the first one to apologize because we don’t want to risk that relationship. We compromise our cozy night of curling up in a blanket with our favorite book and instead let our kids have a sleep-over at home. This way we know their activities.

Compromises don’t come with just the big stuff like buying a house, changing jobs etc. We do it all day long; every day.



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