The Daily Prompt/One Word Prompt

The word for today is Wonder.


I wonder why things happen to good people or in fact a lot of people. I wonder why my mother left this earth so early? Did you lose a parent before the age of 63? I wonder why the people who kill innocent people are left to rot in over-crowded prisons. They receive three meals per day, have a clean bed, therapy, exercise equipment, free college training, yet the innocent families left behind suffer for their remaining lives having lost a loved one.

I wonder why our almighty, powerful God doesn’t perform miracles and straighten this earth up. Why do innocent people have to suffer at the hands of those who meddle in things that aren’t worthy. I wonder why some men or women have silver spoons handed to them with three sugar cubes on each spoon, while there are others who work diligently for years, and never seem to get ahead.

I wonder why babies have to pay the price for their drug infested mothers. I wonder why racism still runs rampant among our earth, yet we can whip out new technology phones that sell for $900, and people swoop them right up.

I wonder how it became that people in general quit caring about human life. Home-made drop boxes are now being provided for new mothers who choose to lay with a man and take the chance of becoming pregnant, but refuse responsibility for the action. Now, they can just drop an infant off in the box and don’t even have to give a name.




I wonder what happened to playing kickball, and hide-n-seek, jump rope, and riding bikes. When did it eventually turn to sitting in front of a game system or on a cell phone.  I wonder why so many have left the churches. I wonder how Satan won so many over to his side.

I wonder if anyone believes in God still?


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