Daily Prompt/One Word Prompt


The word for today is; Captivating

  1. capable of attracting and holding interest; charming.

A delicate, dainty princess with golden locks skipped her way to her favorite place in the forest.download Each day after breakfast her nanny dressed her in her best clothes and allowed her to stay far enough ahead, but still be seen, and the two walked to the forest.

The nanny knew this child had a special spirit. A gentle spirit, a spirit that others wanted to get to know. The animals of the forest would see her coming and signals would be heard while the gathering of friends stood around; waiting for her arrival. When she came upon a soft, wispy, grassy spot, she lay her red checkered cloth down along with a basket.

One by one, she would take out plastic containers filled with treats for her friends. Corn, peanuts, lettuce, all packed by her nanny. The animals gathered closer waiting for her to speak. She had a captivating voice and their visits lasted an hour each day.



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