Daily Prompt/ One Word Prompt


The word for today is; Wrinkle


There’s a wrinkle in his face. It presses firmly around his eyes, brows and lips. Why would an elderly gentleman have this many markings on his face? Hardship? Stress? I am a photographer. I spend a lot of time in public places looking for the perfect shot on my camera. This gives me many opportunities to look into faces and eyes of people.


Children laughing, running with no cares in the world. Trusting other children and their parents. There are no worries. It gives me a chance to look back on my own childhood and remember those wonderful times of riding my bike, playing with my dolls and eating without counting carbs and calories.popsicle-book-ice-pop-joy


There is a lot of work that goes into planning events here in my apartment building. We have over eighty apartments with lots of personalities. Week after week, I notice faces that always have a smile on their face, a good word to say. There are also faces here and walking on the streets that seem blank or so sad. I wonder what has happened in their life to bring this feature on.

There is so much poverty in our world, so much loneliness. At our age, some choose to live in this retirement community, others are faced with no other place to go. A deep longing to be on a different path is their deep desire. Realizing there most likely will not be that lucky day where life can be much different; causes a deep sadness that sometimes can not be healed.

On the streets more often I ponder on the wrinkles and sad eyes may be caused from a loss of employment, a feeling of having nothing much to fill their day or perhaps they have lost their soul mate and wish more than ever to reach heaven’s doors.heaven-clipart_csp11605916

We, of course, gain wrinkles through our aging process and I know plenty who don’t enjoy growing older. It is a tale-tale sign that we are living our last years. I know I have felt that many times myself, as I can no longer care for other people. I have turned to my photography and writing to still have that hope of making someone feel better about their day.

So, the next time you recognize those deep wrinkles or sad eyes or a frown, say a quick hello. Who knows, that may be the only response they receive that day.





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