Daily Prompt/One Word Prompt


prevent (someone) from accomplishing something.


When you were a kid, I bet you had plenty of ideas swimming around in your head.  How many of those ideas became reality? Did you have the kind of parents who let you explore your passions or were your parents the ones who said no more then they said yes.

Now that you are all grown-up, do you ever ponder on their reasoning? I have heard both sides of the coin from parents. Different reasons I heard were, we didn’t have the money. It is just a foolish idea. Yes, I was open to what my child was interested in. How would we feel if we were part of the reason our kids didn’t achieve their dreams?

Do you resent your parents for saying yes or no today? Do you think where you are now is partly responsible for the answers they gave? Let me know your thoughts.


7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt/One Word Prompt

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  2. I do think I had lot of opportunities to try things out, my parents were quite open. Although I always wanted to try Ballet and never got the chance. Well I do tap now instead and that is my one and all. I am trying to be open as possible for my children too. We do want the best for them and try and guide them, however it is not always what the children want. It is a hard thing to really find what it the right thing!

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