Daily Prompt/ One Word Prompt


The word for today is; Skewed

suddenly change direction or position.
“the car had skewed across the track”
  • twist or turn or cause to do this.
    “he skewed around in his saddle”


I know a guy who acts first and thinks last. For years and years I have tried to guide this man into thinking in a new direction; but it hasn’t worked.

I did the same thing when I was younger and I still catch myself repeating the same mistake today; but not as often.

I enjoy and sometimes have the best days when I do things on an instant thought. Example of thinking; I was going to stay home and do nothing. The text comes in saying come on, get ready, let’s go. I have no time to really think about the what ifs and just do it; finding out it was all worth it.

When you constantly make those rash decisions you eventually end up getting burnt, such as my friend.

I hate riding with people who hold their cell phone, change the radio station or do anything that side tracks them from the road. It bounced and came back hitting him hard.

A car accident, totaled car, personal injuries but alive. He skewed his way to my thinking. I heard,” no more driving with cell up my face, no eating or drinking while driving.” For me, I hope this last. For him; we shall see.

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