Daily Prompt/ One Word Prompt


The word for today is; Pedigree

  1. 1.
    the record of descent of an animal, showing it to be purebred.
  2. 2.
    the recorded ancestry, especially upper-class ancestry, of a person or family.
    synonyms: ancestrydescentlineage, line (of descent), genealogyfamily treeextractionderivation, origin(s), heritageparentagebloodlinedual heritagebackground, roots

    “a long pedigree”


It took me a few years in school to realize there were different breeds of people and along with these; others were noticing also. I no longer was able to make friends easily with everyone in class.

Friends were chosen by their Pedigree. It used to hurt my feelings that kids I had been friends with in elementary school, which I attended, were no longer my friends. Not all of them left me behind, but some did.


I learned to make my own friends in the upper grades and in high school, I did okay.

I liked it better when people weren’t categorized into fancy homes, income brackets and race. Everyone liked everyone for their laughter and spirit.

I still don’t like it that I had to grow up and raise my family, paying mortgages or rent according to where the location was. People got nominated because of their last names. Promotions came easily if you were so-and-so.

Now that I live in a retirement building, we don’t look at how much money we have or had. We are all basically in the same boat. Survival, making friends, trying to not be lonely, is the name of the game. Laughter is looked for everywhere. A friend to confide in is important. Social dining is of the utmost importance.

Most of us realize this is our last home on the way to heaven’s gates. We have to make the most of each day or give up and wait to die.

So, I say, I am safe, have a few friends, laugh when I can, and hopefully, I won’t die for a few years yet.terry




The photo above is Lincoln school which I went through K-6. The one above was my High School

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