Daily Prompt/ One Word Prompt



The word for today is; Infect


This is an interesting word as if actually pertains to today at a meeting I was involved with. When you have a few people gathered together, the truth usually comes out, even if it is in a gossiping situation. People don’t seem so afraid to speak their mind.

The more people involved in this sharing experience; the more the stories change a bit. Some don’t want others to know how they truly feel, so they become quiet, for fear of being laughed at or not agreed with. Others embellish a little to sound a little bit more informed.

Then there are those who speak according to who they are in front of. The story changes according to who is listening. Either way, the truth sometimes becomes less fact, or a little bit of fiction.

I am not a very good liar. I tell the truth, but when I am in a crowd and begin to carry that doubt in my head saying, be careful what you say, they may laugh, I usually end up being very quiet or shrug my shoulders. I kick myself when I am alone because I know I am entitled to my opinion and can speak it; as long as I do it with dignity and grace.

So be careful what you say. Don’t infect others with nothing less than the facts for any reason. It is not appreciated when others learn about what you said, and it is a sign of immaturity. Now, I need to become more mature, and open my mouth when asked.



Story a Day



The Prompt

Write A Story In 14 Sentences


Gloria was a busy gal

So many friends

Until one day

She grew old

Laughter left the room

Tears filled the walls

Memories flooded the floors

No one seemed to notice

Except; her dog

He lay at her feet

He sat in her lap

He slept in the bed

He sensed her heart

She needed his love.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd