Story a Day


Day 18 – It’s A Bit One-Sided

The Prompt

Write a story today in which the reader only hears one side of the conversation



“I’m tired. I don’t feel good. I will do it tomorrow.” Billy slammed the door and threw himself on his bed. He placed his ear plugs in and turned his music up loud; drowning outside noise.


It wasn’t that long when the door flew open. ” I will, I will! I told you I don’t feel good right now. What? You can’t do that to me! All my friends will be there and they will be expecting me. I hate you!”


Once again the ear plugs in and music turned up. A few seconds later the sound of a rechargeable screwdriver could be heard. The door slipped quietly off its hinges. There was no where to run. There was no more remarks to be made.


There was no more nothing. All that could be seen is a paddle being cracked in one hand and that hand was coming towards the bed. I swear, I never saw a person move as quick as I did at that moment!


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’ll do what I’m told next time. I promise, I promise; just let me go to the party.” Tears fell gently down the small face as the words that were hoped to  hear were silent.



Daily Prompt/ One Word Prompt

The word for today is Premature


Premature brings to mind instantly a baby. Those poor, tiny little babies that are born before their time or have health issues or are the babies of addicts. Are there any other ways we could use this word?


How about John’s premature death? Or maybe we have all been guilty once of judging, making a premature decision. Maybe it was premature to go in and ask the boss for a raise.


Is it premature when a teen in high school thinks he saw a suspicious character outside the class window? Should he be more sure or alert the authorities? What about the train that arrived prematurely? I bet those passengers waiting on it were excited to be leaving earlier than planned.


Here in Indiana, the weather can be warm and then cold the next day. Sometimes we get premature flowers and buds and then without notice they die from the cold coming in again. We missed the beautiful show of flowers.



What other ways can you think of to use the word?



Another Shooting? Why?

Where do we run to when we need to get help? Do we run to our local newspaper, the radio station or our local television stations?

Are you getting angry every time you see a post about another school shooting? I know I am. I think many of us pray for healing on these shooters that they may see the error in their decision; but maybe not enough are praying.

What in the world is happening that these people just walk up and start shooting others? I refuse to believe that they are mentally challenged. Look how much time is spent on the planning and purchasing the gear that is needed. Does this sound like someone who can’t think right?

This is what I believe about the shootings. Whether you believe it or not, is not important to me. What is important is; you know God.

Does the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas indicate a sign of the end times? It could well be, and although the Bible doesn’t expressly say mass killings are a sign of the end times, it does appear that the fig tree is bearing the fruit of Jesus’ return (Matt 24:32-34), so if this article or the escalating violence on the earth makes you think about Jesus’ Christ, then it has been more than worth it. All believers should be more passionate about reaching the lost before Christ returns, because then, it will be too late (Dan 12:2-3; Rev 20:12-25). We do know the day of Jesus’ return will, but we do know it come suddenly, like “the lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man” (Matt 24:27), so at any given moment, there “will appear in heaven the sign of the Son of Man, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. And he will send out his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other” (Matt 24:30-31). Those who have rejected Christ will mourn, for then they will know (too late) that Jesus Christ does exist and He is coming to judge the world in righteousness, so I plead with you who disbelieve, to repent and put your trust in Christ. Today is the day of salvation (2nd Cor 6:2). Tomorrow may be too late.