Daily Prompt/ One Word Prompt


The word for today is Premature


Premature brings to mind instantly a baby. Those poor, tiny little babies that are born before their time or have health issues or are the babies of addicts. Are there any other ways we could use this word?


How about John’s premature death? Or maybe we have all been guilty once of judging, making a premature decision. Maybe it was premature to go in and ask the boss for a raise.


Is it premature when a teen in high school thinks he saw a suspicious character outside the class window? Should he be more sure or alert the authorities? What about the train that arrived prematurely? I bet those passengers waiting on it were excited to be leaving earlier than planned.


Here in Indiana, the weather can be warm and then cold the next day. Sometimes we get premature flowers and buds and then without notice they die from the cold coming in again. We missed the beautiful show of flowers.



What other ways can you think of to use the word?



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