Story a Day


Day 18 – It’s A Bit One-Sided

The Prompt

Write a story today in which the reader only hears one side of the conversation



“I’m tired. I don’t feel good. I will do it tomorrow.” Billy slammed the door and threw himself on his bed. He placed his ear plugs in and turned his music up loud; drowning outside noise.


It wasn’t that long when the door flew open. ” I will, I will! I told you I don’t feel good right now. What? You can’t do that to me! All my friends will be there and they will be expecting me. I hate you!”


Once again the ear plugs in and music turned up. A few seconds later the sound of a rechargeable screwdriver could be heard. The door slipped quietly off its hinges. There was no where to run. There was no more remarks to be made.


There was no more nothing. All that could be seen is a paddle being cracked in one hand and that hand was coming towards the bed. I swear, I never saw a person move as quick as I did at that moment!


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’ll do what I’m told next time. I promise, I promise; just let me go to the party.” Tears fell gently down the small face as the words that were hoped to  hear were silent.



1 thought on “Story a Day

  1. sad, my dad never let me date, never let me go to parties or sleep overs now it truely hard to be social was an outsider at school was affraid to associate that much with others.not good

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