Daily Prompt/ One Word Prompt


The word for today is; complication


Life can be complicated and for some life can be full of complications. I don’t understand most of it; but I do understand some.

We start out wishing and dreaming. Who said there is anything wrong with those two things? Certainly not me, but on some grounds, it can be a bad thing.

There are those who wish for growing up quicker. Why? We don’t know at that age. We just know we want what they have. We want to date like our older siblings, drive a car. The list can be for miles long.3861143700_16b50337c6_z

Next, before we know it, we are old. We suddenly wish our lives could be at an earlier point. We wish we perhaps would have married for different reasons. We wish we didn’t understand death or perhaps how little we could end up receiving in our SS checks.

Wouldn’t there be a lot less complication if only we accepted where we are and were and who we stand for? I am sure my own life would be much smoother. Maybe I would even have less gray hair. Who knows, but the point is; let’s accept whatever we are dealing with today, now, right this moment!


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