Story A Day

The Prompt

Your character wakes up in a space they don’t recognize.

Sarah opened her eyes. Although she was surrounded by water; she could see very clear. She looked to her left, out of her driver side window. Three fish were looking at her. They were beautiful tropical fish.images

Their cute pouting lips, flowing to and fro; seemed like they were smiling at her. She smiled back. Tiny bubbles floating to the top and delicate fins  saying hello; she waved back and then saw her brilliant, red fins.

She looked closer at herself and  felt she was the most beautiful fish she had ever seen.4491d90ebcad11e3e53847942efdaa4c

She moved her lips and they understood. They cleared the debris and moving their fins in a rapid motion; the door lifted away and Sarah gently swam to freedom. Freedom from cruel remarks, freedom from beatings and bullying.

Sarah didn’t remember any of her past. All she knew was she was beautiful and very happy.

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