The Daily Post/ One Word Prompt

The word for the day; Retrospective

looking back on or dealing with past events or situations.
“our survey was retrospective”
synonyms: backdated, retroactiveex post facto

“the government introduced retrospective legislation”

I have spoken a few times on my childhood here at WordPress. I have examined the events I know to be truth and can see the connections of some of my ways and thinking today.

I used to feel sorry for myself. I had two moms. One didn’t want me and the other; I kept a distance from from stupidity.

I see characters of my parents in me. My father enjoyed working with wood and so do I. My father was an artist. I don’t know if I can call myself an artist but I do enjoy painting, photography and writing.

My mother was definitely smart as a whip. I am not that smart. I would probably classify myself as of normal intelligence. My mother was organized and so am I. My mother loved to bake and sew. I still enjoy baking if I have someone to bake for.

The biggest thing I have learned though and it’s very important to my health that I did learn. The past is the past. The now is today and the future is not concrete.

Who I am today really doesn’t have that much to do with my childhood. I agree, some of it does, but it was and is up to me, to be who I want to be today. Looking back, I understand what and why things happen, but that doesn’t mean I have to carry extra baggage today.


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