Pork Fried Rice

Pork Fried Rice | Photo by KGora

How to Make Fried Rice

Use Rice That’s Cold and Day-Old
Freshly cooked rice is just too soft and sticky to stand up to all the tossing, so many recipes will tell you to use cold, day-old rice. Day-old rice has dried out enough to separate into individual grains that soak up all the flavorings you add. To help break up clumps of cold rice, put it in the pan (on top of the meats or vegetables), cover, and turn heat to low. Let the rice steam for a few minutes; check after two or three minutes to see if you can separate the grains. Note that long grain and brown rice won’t clump as much as short grain white rice.

Go for the Big Pot
Fry rice in a large skillet or wok. You’ll need all that room to toss and mix ingredients thoroughly.

Bite-Size Is Best
Rice isn’t meant to be knife-and-fork food. For easy cooking and eating, cut up ingredients into thin pieces. If you’re using raw meats and vegetables, cook them before adding rice to the pan.

Make It Sizzle
Be sure to turn up the heat at the end to let the rice get sizzling hot and get the flavors working together. After all, you want fried rice, not just warm rice. Right?

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