One Small Town= All Towns

The story goes; when you’re old and retired, time to relax. Is it really a relaxing time of life? I sat in on a meeting today here where I live. It was very interesting to listen to. The topic was about family law, wills and end of life decisions.

Sounds kind of gloomy to me. I actually have to face the facts that I am aging. It didn’t surprise me that the questions that rose from the people sitting around listening to the speaker had a little fear in their attitudes.

It is scary. I’m not going to lie. Maybe, at an earlier time, there was more financial stability or nice vehicles or food on the table. Here where I live, a spouse may have deceased. A job is no longer worked, and fixed income is a familiar phrase.

When you live in a surrounding where rules change at a drop of a hat; this does nothing more than raise the fear level. Many don’t have choices here. I am speaking about housing.

Where would they go if they do not co-operate with management changes? For even me, this could be a problem. I am sure that if I were without a roof, one of my children would provide a roof for me temporarily.

The issue becomes stress and worry though. Where do we go, if we can’t find a place to live. Here in my city, the rates for apartment living are beyond high. I live in the Capital of the Orthopedics city. For those who work in those factories; life is probably pretty good. For those who don’t work in that type of business, or have limited funds, what are they to do?

The speaker answered some questions with answers of perhaps being able to help. Some questions asked were not part of his area. You know what happens to Seniors when stress and worry about shelter and food are a daily worry? Heart attacks, the rise of blood pressure, strokes.

I just don’t see that being older and on fixed incomes is a fantastic way to live. I see it as a Survivor game. Who wants to play this game? No one volunteers to be the first player. I feel bad for all of us capped under “fixed income” people.

There are new apartments rising, which is good. They are for limited incomes. Do you know how fast these fill up? By the time you hear the word about it; they are all spoken for.

There are times, I get depressed. There are times, that I live, remembering to be thankful for what I do have. There are times when I have extra food and share it with my neighbors. We do what we need to do and we remember to keep our faith strong and be thankful for what we have.

How do we fix our problems of aging? I don’t know the answers. I wish I did. I would want to see everyone in here smile a sigh of relief and to know they are each safe and sound.

God bless and thank-you for letting me speak my heart tonight.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd

8 thoughts on “One Small Town= All Towns

  1. I wish there were immediate answers, but I know you will find your freedom even in this current place,
    I wish you creative humour and the blessedness of knowing humans do blossom where they are planted, we aren’t just survivors we are more than conquerors. My son, 17, was born blind. Often I wonder what his future will be, will he be fulfilled, leave alone safe in a world that mostly doesn’t really care for anything except personal advantage. I have no answers, but this I know: life is beautiful. You are one, only one of your kind. You make a difference.


    • Thank you. I enjoyed reading your comment. I am a Senior Citizen now and still feel like there is something I need to be doing. We all make a difference. You son may be blind but I am sure he is full of gifts. My brother was mentally challenged. He had the gift of an amazing memory.

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      • oh yes, brimming with gifts… as we all are am sure, just that in a quieter moment, we cannot see our way around. Good for you, making such a difference and how. Yes my son is with that memory thing too 🙂 can back date and tell us what day was christmas a year ago, or forwards. What day you visited us if you did, and which year you wore some blue T shirt. God works in mysterious ways, I worry a bit about His delays but more often than not, a tough route springs angels unawares, surprises… who can tell what. We call them Miracles. Thank you for replying, God bless you


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