A Teen’s Diary

You, as a parent, teach your children to think for themselves. To learn to live independently as an adult. You teach them not to lie, steal and be untrue to themselves.

Suddenly, you notice over time that their personality is changing. They aren’t spending as much time with the family interacting. They seem to have gained new friends, but haven’t met them.

They are dressing a little different than usual and using new make-up. Are they just growing up right in front of your eyes or is something going on? After all, you did teach them to think for themselves.

Something is eating at you though. Your instincts are kicking in. This seems to run through your mind daily.

One day, you are in their room. You are putting their clothes a way and when you pull open the dresser drawer; you spot a book. You pick it up and see that it their dairy book. Do you read it? Yes or no readers?


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