Shooting Forty Minutes From Me

I live about forty minutes from where this shooting took place. I don’t give a rat’s ass why someone shot someone. I only care about why is this being allowed to happen and where in the world are the brains of these shooters?

I know there is a God; but like others, I have questions. Why isn’t he fixing this? Why are innocent by standers getting hurt? Why so many losses of children?

Are they homeless and want a roof over their head? Do they want to be on the front newspapers? Did they lack attention when they were young?

Why? Is it a good idea that we let these shooters blame their bringing up? Even if they had the most blemished childhood; aren’t they adults now and able to turn their life around making different decisions? Wouldn’t you think they would want a better adult life than they had as a child?

Is our times getting so bad that we can’t go out in public any longer for fear of being shot or too close to a shooting? What is going on? I know Satan is alive and well, but can’t God stop him at something?



2 thoughts on “Shooting Forty Minutes From Me

    • I don’t like guns. I don’t think anyone except police etc, should have guns. I think punishment should be severe for those who buy them illegally. Can you tell I am against violence of this type?

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