It has done almost nothing in Indiana except rain this summer. I have also fought various infections. It is time for both to stop. I want to enjoy what’s left of summer, because here; summers are short-lived.


I got out for a little bit this morning and enjoyed what was around me. I tend to shut out life and noise. I try more to focus on nature. I had been thinking of my family and how it used to be on Sundays. It isn’t like that anymore; for sure.


While I was out, I had the windows down in the car. The sun was actually shining and the heat not bad at all. I watched as a yellow and brown butterfly flew around the front of the car. In less than a blink of an eye, it came inside and sat on my steering wheel. It stayed for a few seconds and then flew around in my car. Having checked everything out, it flew outside again, took a flight around my car and then disappeared.


Was that you my brother? Maybe it was you; mom or dad? Either way, I know one of you knew I had been thinking about you today. Yes, I still love you. No, I will never forget you. See you in heaven dear family.


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Bring it up Front

I am a writer and I believe I think too much. Maybe this is what writers do; I am not sure. I find myself gazing at things around my room and something will catch my eye; and boom, I have a story to tell.

This happened this morning, in fact. I was sitting on my bed looking around at what I had left of my possessions that I truly cared for at heart. I looked at my low-boy dresser and suddenly was carried back to my youth.

I lived on a dead-end street in Warsaw, Indiana. Some of you from my city will probably remember the street; Oriole Lane. It was pretty close to the dead-end of the lane. We lived in a small house with a huge oak tree out front, that I can remember playing many times under with my dolls.

My brother and I would probably be looked down at now, or perhaps it would have been my parents that were looked at. I was 9-10 and he was 8-9 years old. We slept in the same bedroom in bunk beds. I slept on top and he had the bottom.

I had my dresser. In fact, I don’t remember any of my brother’s furniture. Maybe we shared the same dresser? I don’t know. Anyways, remember, I was staring at this dresser on my bed. I looked at the top drawer and then remembered one time my mom got really upset with me. Today, I don’t know why or understand. I think it was taboo or something.

I developed young. You know what I mean. That “special movie” hadn’t been presented in school yet and I think my mom didn’t expect something from me so young in age.

I got pretty scared and so when the evidence was seen with the naked eye; I hid all evidence. When my mom discovered it while putting clean clothes away; she found my items. She got angry and spouted off at me. Hey, I didn’t know what in the world was happening. For all I knew, I was dying.

Anyways, back to the presence, I laugh now as I think of that embarrassing moment in my young life. So many memories of my parents I savor today.

I am glad I am a thinker. I can revisit my memory box anytime I wish. I can bring it to the present and enjoy the times of being a kid.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd