It has done almost nothing in Indiana except rain this summer. I have also fought various infections. It is time for both to stop. I want to enjoy what’s left of summer, because here; summers are short-lived.


I got out for a little bit this morning and enjoyed what was around me. I tend to shut out life and noise. I try more to focus on nature. I had been thinking of my family and how it used to be on Sundays. It isn’t like that anymore; for sure.


While I was out, I had the windows down in the car. The sun was actually shining and the heat not bad at all. I watched as a yellow and brown butterfly flew around the front of the car. In less than a blink of an eye, it came inside and sat on my steering wheel. It stayed for a few seconds and then flew around in my car. Having checked everything out, it flew outside again, took a flight around my car and then disappeared.


Was that you my brother? Maybe it was you; mom or dad? Either way, I know one of you knew I had been thinking about you today. Yes, I still love you. No, I will never forget you. See you in heaven dear family.


butterfliesbutterflies 2butterflies 3

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  1. I believe in these things my dear friend i saw a male cardinal i didnt know they could sing so beautiful. i started talking to him telling him hope he wasnt singing for rain . He stayed perched on my bush just singing his heart out. kept talking to him. He would cock his head and keep singing i told him he was a beautiful baby and i loved to hear him sing to me. Made me wonder if it wasnt my Russ visiting me and singing to me as i had a bad day that day. I sure miss my stepson so much. We talked alot. He was musical singuing and playing guitar and writing music. . We will see all our loved ones in heaven one day i miss so many of my family.


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